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16oz 480ml Glass Boston Bottle

16oz 480ml Glass Boston Bottle

Our factory is specialized in various of glass bottle production. There are different kinds of spirits bottle, juice bottle medicine bottle and essential oil bottle. Including vodka bottle, whisky bottle, gin bottle, tequila bottle. We have dozens of bottle mass production line.We also accept custom production.


500ml 480ml 16oz glass hand sanitizer clear Boston Bottle

Product specifications:


Finish:28-400 GPI finish
Material:Extra flint or high flint or normal flint Glass
Color:Clear, blue or ember(brown)
Product description:

The glass bottle is useable for liquor, hand sanitizer and syrup.

Pieces on layer:158pcs
Pieces on pallet:1000pcs
Pallet dimensions:1200x1000x2300 mm
Pallet weight:15kg
Product sheet:

Boston glass bottle -6

The liquor bottles with cold and hot end treatment to prevent scratch!

This bottle is used for  liquor, hand sanitizer and syrup.

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Our service

1. Custom metal label for glass bottle.

2. Bottle caps, including GPI closure, Guala closure 30*60mm, 33*47mm, 30*44mm 30*35mm aluminum caps and so on.

3. Bottle stoppers.

Quality inspection of glass bottle

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