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750ml Whiskey Rum Extra Super Flint Glass Bottle

750ml Whiskey Rum Extra Super Flint Glass Bottle

750ml Extra Flint silk screen printed glass bottle with metal label



How to distinguish the material of spirits glass bottle--------Normal Flint or Super Flint

For spirits glass bottle, there are two different material to produce glass bottle, normal flint, super flint separately. There are several difference between them to help you distinguish them as below:

1). Color of Material:

The color of the normal flint glass is not as clear and white as super flint material. Most of the normal flint glass will has a greenish color due to the high iron content.

2). Application Market

Normal flint material use lower cost material, so that is mainly used for volume products, not for premium products. The transparency of super flint material bottle is better than normal flint bottles.

3). Bottom of glass bottle

From design point of view, the bottles which are made from normal flint can only have a thin bottom. They can not make thick bottom designed glass. From your design, we think that the products you need is more premium and the bottom part is thick, that is why we think you should use high flint material.

Finally, many plants in China can only produce normal flint, they do not produce high flint glass. Some plant only produce high flint glass, do not produce normal flint glass.

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