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Cap Printing Process

Jul 02, 2019

Pad printing process

1. The choice of equipment

Because the caps are generally not large, it is often suitable to use manual or electric small pad printers. Here is a brief introduction to the electric pad printing machine:

The electric pad printing machine mainly consists of a rubber head, an oil pan, a scraper set, a stepless speed regulation, a switch (operation/manual), a jig lift table, and the like. Because it does not need the traditional air pump air source, and adopts the mechanical transmission system of the 220V civil power supply and the electronic stepless speed change function, the requirements of the operation site, the operator's proficiency, and the speed of the printed products are greatly reduced. It has the advantages of strong stability, controllable precision, low cost, small size, convenient use and reliable quality.

2. The model of the plastic head

The rubber head should have good ink absorption and deinking properties, good resilience and fatigue resistance, and good solvent resistance. According to the printing product, the size, shape, hardness, color and color of the rubber head are selected according to the chart or physical model provided by the supplier, and then a model specification is determined according to the actual use and life.

The contact deformation of the plastic head and the printing material should be small; the diameter of the printing head is about 3mm larger than the word type; the printing thin lines are more, the plastic head is relatively softer; the extrusion depth of the plastic head and the printing material must not exceed 1/1 of the height of the plastic head. 3, otherwise the plastic head is easy to damage and the pattern is blurred.

The newly purchased plastic head has a layer of release agent on the surface, which is cleaned with a clean cloth, ethanol or a washing agent before use.

3. The type of ink

Pad printing ink should consider its transfer performance, drying speed, color cover, thinness and so on.

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