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How To Make A Wine Cork

Dec 11, 2022

Red wine is a relatively noble and elegant wine. Because of its special quality, special attention must be paid to storage. We all know that most red wine corks are made of wood, but do you know how it is made?

Wine corks

Red wine stoppers can be made of various materials, but better quality red wine must use cork stoppers, and cork stoppers are also known as the patron saint of wine. The wood species used to produce cork is a plant called green oak, which uses the bark of the green oak tree.

Because of its special structure, oak bark is insulated from fire. Workers will use axes to chop off the bark, and then transport it to the factory to be broken into wood particles, and then pour glue and other adhesive substances into it.

Wine corks making process

After a period of full fusion, it will be put into a cylindrical mold machine and processed into a preliminary cork shape. Finally, the surface of the cork will be sprayed or coated with paraffin resin. The purpose of this is to make it easier to plug in. The mouth of the bottle can also improve the sealing degree of the glass bottle, and then pack it in a packaging bag, and then it can flow into the market.

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