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Plastic Cover Can Be Used To Seal The Bag

Jul 17, 2019

Sharing a method of using a beverage bottle as a sealing clip, made a few, very good use, the sealing is very good, but there are also disadvantages, that is, can only be used in a bag as thin as a fresh-keeping bag, some bags at home. After I tried it, I felt very disappointed. Later, I found that the things that were to be sealed and sealed were put into the fresh-keeping bag together with the bag. It was simpler and more convenient to cover the bag with the self-made sealing clip. The good mouth of the bag is not sealed, and the knot is difficult to solve. The sealing clip made of the bottle only needs to be unscrewed, and the sealing is particularly good, that is, the water is not leaked, especially for sealing. In the refrigerator, I am afraid of the food that is big.

Production Method:

1. Take a plastic cover, use a pair of scissors or sharp things to make a mouth at 2-3cm below the mouth of the bottle, then insert the scissors into the circle and cut it;

2. Then trim the cut parts with scissors to make the distance uniform and the cut surface smooth. Such a sealing clip is ready.


1. Put the fresh-keeping bag or thin plastic bag on the item, remove the bottle cap of the sealing clip, and gather the bag mouth from the side of the sealing clip;

2. Then open the plastic bag mouth to wrap the screw clasp of the sealing clip;

3. Narrow the screw cap that covers the plastic bag with the bottle cap;

4. Try, you can install water, try it, no leakage at all;

5. Can be used to save spices, food, vegetables, etc., especially need to be placed in the refrigerator afraid of odor, or afraid of the refrigerator with a strong taste of food.

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