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Research On The Process Of Aluminum Cover

May 07, 2019

With the development of pharmaceutical occupations, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly demanding pharmaceutical packaging. As a replacement for general aluminum covers, aluminum covers have been used by a wide range of pharmaceutical companies. Why can aluminum covers be widely used in medicine? This has a direct connection with the function of the aluminum cover. The function of the aluminum cover determines its usefulness, and it is precisely because of this that the aluminum-plastic composite cover can be widely used in medicine.

The main components of the aluminum-plastic composite cover are aluminum alloy and plastic materials, which are processed into special bottle caps. Of course, the function of winning is the foundation of its application in medicine. The aluminum cover is thin and easy to open, and it is widely used in medical oral liquid. In the sealing of bottled liquids such as antibiotics and infusions, the aluminum-plastic composite bottle cap also exerts its superiority.

The aluminum-plastic composite cover has a simple layout, low cost, good sealing performance and simple and convenient use. The aluminum cover has many advantages, such as stable torque, which can reduce the opening time; strong anti-tension, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, which are the superior functions of the aluminum-plastic composite cover.

Antibiotic aluminum covers are mostly stamped from aluminum alloy sheets. When it is produced, it can be stamped by punching the stamping die.

Regarding the different standard aluminum covers, it is required to use different standard aluminum alloy plates for production. According to whether the aluminum alloy plate is a coating film, the aluminum cover is divided into a general aluminum cover, a single coated aluminum cover and a double coated aluminum cover.

Because the mold is divided into a stretching mold and a cutting ring mold, the produced lid also has a stretching and a cutting ring. The technology of stretched aluminum cover is relatively simple, the data utilization rate and work efficiency are higher than that of the cut ring aluminum cover, and only the difference between the height and the low point of the aluminum cover (that is, the difference between the highest height and the lowest height of the aluminum cover) is slightly larger.

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