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The Embodiment Of The Advantages Of Aluminum Plastic Cover And Its Significance

Sep 15, 2022

The advantages of aluminum-plastic covers are mainly reflected in three aspects: low cost, strong environmental protection, and rich colors. Especially when it comes to color. The aluminum-plastic cover greatly meets the needs of more and more high-end products and adapts to the increasingly refined development trend of Chinese packaging.

According to the surface texture, aluminum-plastic caps are divided into two types: high-gloss caps and silk caps. The former has been specially treated, and the surface of the bottle cap is as bright as a mirror. In addition, surface bronzing technology and the combination of screen printing and pad printing can significantly improve the overall effect and anti-counterfeiting level of the product. The latter is made of patented technology and special craftsmanship, and the exterior has a rich velvet texture. At the same time, it has been put into use directly as a leave-in product by some well-known wineries due to the use of advanced equipment to ensure a high degree of internal cleanliness.

Aluminum-plastic composite materials can be reused, which has great environmental protection significance and is called a new environmental protection method. The aluminum-plastic composite cover has two lifespans: one is an efficient plastic material filling system; the other is a plastic retaining block that matches other caps, similar to sold Lego building materials. Aluminium-plastic covering materials have excellent safety sealing properties and are used by many manufacturers.

The establishment of an aluminum cover product that can be reused many times can greatly reduce the harm to the natural environment. Since this type of plastic steel cover does not need to be purchased after application, it can only be reused many times immediately, leaving a very small trace of the natural environment. Politically feasible, it can also be converted into small toys, special tools for plastic arts, and special tools for poor students to stimulate environmental protection awareness.

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