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What Is The Difference Between Aluminum Plastic Cover And Plastic Cover

Jan 09, 2023

Aluminum-plastic caps are a type of food bottle cap, used for sealing oral liquids, bottled infusions and food packaging. The aluminum-plastic lid is an important part of food packaging, and it is also the place where consumers first come into contact with the product. Aluminum-plastic bottle caps can not only keep the contents sealed, but also have the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so they are used for bottled products. As the upstream industry of the food and beverage industry, aluminum-plastic caps are key products in bottled containers.

Aluminum-plastic bottle caps have many advantages over plastic bottle caps. In recent years, aluminum anti-theft covers have overcome many shortcomings such as high processing costs, low production efficiency, poor sealing, and serious environmental pollution. The production can be mechanized and scaled, and the demand for them is increasing year by year.

The raw materials of plastic bottle caps are much cheaper, making plastic bottle caps cheaper than tinplate caps and aluminum caps. The manufacturing process of plastic bottle caps is simple, and there are many styles and colors to choose from. There are many types of plastic bottle caps on the market. Plastic bottle caps are mostly in the form of screw caps, which are easy to open and easy to use.

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