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Is The Cosmetic Bottle Cap Good For Glass Or Plastic?

Jun 25, 2019

Is the cosmetic cap good for glass or plastic? The cosmetics market is increasingly demanding on the appearance of packaging. Plastics are widely used because of their durability and durability. Glass gives a noble appearance and is therefore the main choice in cosmetic packaging.

One is widely used, the other is the noble atmosphere, so which one is better adapted to the public, which one will be widely adopted?

The eye-catching glass is very suitable for the packaging of perfume bottles, etc., and plastic has won the competition for cosmetic packaging materials with reasonable quotation and lighter quality.

Producers are doing everything they can to find new and enticing packaging to take advantage of the intrinsic quality of their products and the attractiveness of their shelves. There are so many goods on the retailer's shelves that the producers have to try to make their goods look unusual on the packaging. To make the product exotic, you must work on the packaging plan, the cap and the shape of the bottle. According to RPC, plastic packaging gives cosmetic manufacturers a lot of opportunities in this area, and can produce a lot of packaging and ingenious products with economical and reasonable cost.

The plastic's high strength, light weight and not easy to break make it invincible in the competition. Not only that, but the complicated plastic packaging planning can be completed and produced in a short period of time. On the other hand, the competition in the cosmetics market is very fierce now, and the final decision on the packaging plan is often decided in the final second of the upcoming shopping mall, thus ensuring that the goods are keeping up with the trend of the store and consumers. The grade needs.

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