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What Are The Factors Affecting The Price Of Anodized Aluminum Cover?

Jun 20, 2019

The electrochemical aluminum cover is widely used in the packaging field. Commonly used are health care packaging and cosmetic packaging. The use of an electric aluminum cover can better protect the product and help to enhance the product image. There are many aluminum lids on the market, and many people will give priority to price issues when purchasing. So, in the end, the electrochemical aluminum cover is not expensive? The price of the electrochemical aluminum cover is affected by many factors, such as the following:

1. Different uses, different requirements for products. The higher the requirement, the more complicated the production process, so the higher the cost.

2. The diameter of the cover will affect the amount of material, the larger the size, the more materials used, so the cost is higher.

3. Aluminum material also has a thick and thin points, the greater the thickness of the lid, the price will also increase.

These three factors have the greatest impact on the price of the electrochemical aluminum cover. When you buy the aluminum cover, you should not only look at the price. Choose the most suitable product according to actual needs. For example, if you are doing high-end cosmetics, then you should choose a thicker aluminum cover. If it is too thin, it will feel no texture.

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