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What Are The Requirements For Medical Caps Such As Aluminum Caps?

Jun 17, 2019

In the process of transportation, storage and circulation, drugs are easily degraded and decomposed. Therefore, the requirements for medical caps are improved, and specific requirements must be met to ensure the characteristics of the drugs. So, what are the requirements for medical caps such as aluminum caps?

Requirements for medical packaging such as aluminum cover:

1. Adapt to transportation and circulation: In order to ensure the characteristics of medicines, medical caps such as aluminum caps need to be designed, produced and adapted for circulation, transportation and storage. In the process of circulation of drugs, they will be affected by factors such as climate, environment and transportation methods. Once the packaging of drugs is unqualified, it will easily lead to deterioration of drugs. Therefore, medical caps must have certain physical properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, and barrier properties to meet the temperature and humidity changes in the circulation area; and must have certain tear, pressure, and puncture resistance. Mechanical properties such as anti-dropping to prevent various forms of damage and damage during loading, unloading, transportation, and stacking.

2. Ensure the quality of the drug is stable: As the medical cap, the aluminum cap needs to ensure that the quality and composition of the drug will not change or contaminate in any way during the shelf life. This requires the medical cap to be safe, non-toxic and non-polluting. Secondly, the pharmaceutical packaging materials must have good physical and chemical stability and microbial stability. They do not decompose and age during the shelf life, do not adsorb drugs, do not interfere with substances or chemical reactions with drugs, and do not change the performance of drugs.

3. Low cost and anti-counterfeiting: Low-cost materials such as aluminum cover can reduce the cost of packaging such as medical caps, thereby reducing the cost of medicines, and it is better to degrade the materials to avoid environmental impact. In addition, in order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy drugs, it is necessary to print anti-counterfeiting marks on medical bottle caps and the like, so that the aluminum caps as medical caps must also satisfy the printing performance.

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