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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Packaging?

Jun 08, 2019

As we all know, the small aluminum cover is widely used in the packaging materials of our food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the aluminum cover packaging on the can, the most common occasion for us is the sealing package of various oral liquids and liquid medicines. Packaging materials used in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in addition to the excellent barrier properties, air tightness, moisture resistance, and opacity inherent in the metal materials we know, what other materials do not have the advantages?

(1) Light weight. Aluminum is a light metal with a specific gravity of 2.7, which is about 1/3 of iron, which can save transportation costs.

(2) High anti-counterfeiting, excellent ductility and drawing performance, can be made very thin

(3) Aluminum does not rust in air and water vapor, the surface is smooth and beautiful, no need to apply metal protective layer, but can be resistant after surface coating

Acid, alkali, salt medium

(4) tasteless and odorless, does not affect the flavor quality of the packaged goods, plus no sulfide and heavy metal pollution, which is especially important for the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

(5) Good corrosion resistance, long service life and recyclability

(6) The aluminum cap layer is densely arranged to isolate the infection of microorganisms, and it can play a role in protecting the contents.

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