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What Is The Main Raw Material Of Wine Cork?

Nov 13, 2022

The main raw material of wine cork is the bark of the oak tree. The cork made of this material contains many fine pores, which can not only seal the wine bottle but also allow a small amount of air to penetrate, which promotes the ripening of the wine.

wine cork

Wine corks are made from the bark of the cork oak, scientifically called Quercus Suber, also known as the oak tree. But not all corks are made of bark, and some are synthetic corks made from compressed shards of wood.

QuercusSuber is the scientific name of the tree that produces cork, usually called CorkOak. This oak tree is particularly suitable for growing in Mediterranean-type climates influenced by Atlantic air currents. A mature oak tree (CorkOak) naturally develops a layer of bark every nine years. The thickness of the harvested bark varies greatly, ranging from 2 to 6 cm. Oak trees can live for about 170 to 200 years. During this period, the harvest can continue every nine years until the oak tree can no longer form bark. The older the tree, the more bark is harvested.

The basic requirements of wine for cork contain such a contradiction of unity of opposites: it can not only seal the wine bottle, but also penetrate the right amount of oxygen, promote the slow decomposition and polymerization of hundreds of natural components of wine, and then make the aroma of wine more Deeper, more balanced structure and more mellow on the palate.

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