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Why Do Red Wines Use Corks And What Is The Function?

Nov 20, 2022

In fact, the brewing process of wine is not complicated, it depends on brewing, so it needs a certain amount of oxygen to ferment continuously during storage. Compared with other lids, cork stoppers have tiny pores, which can create a kind of micro-oxidation for red wine. The environment and this cork is not common thing, not any kind of wood can be used to stop red wine, it must be the bark of an oak tree, and the age limit is 20-25 years old, and a tree needs to be used again after use. It can be reused after 9 years. The selection of materials is so particular, and the post-production requirements are higher.

wine bottle cork

Only the cork that can stand the "test" can be perfectly combined with the red wine bottle. Do you know why the cork on the red wine bottle must choose oak? Oak contains a certain amount of tannins, which can promote the ripening of red wine and make the red wine taste more mellow. Over time, the water in the cork will evaporate and become dry and cracked, allowing a lot of air to get into the wine and ruin the bottle.

Finally, let me tell you that the quality of red wine can also be judged intuitively through the cork. The red wine corks on the market are divided into metal corks and cork corks, and cork corks are divided into natural and synthetic ones. Not to mention metal corks, and red wine corks Of course, the quality of the cork is not as good as that of the cork, and the longer the cork, the higher the quality of the red wine. However, the natural cork also has disadvantages, that is, it is easy to rot. Those who are used to collecting red wine should pay attention to the life of the cork. Only 30-40 years, don't forget to change when the time comes.

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