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Are You Worried About Breaking Your Hand When Tearing Open The Aluminum Cover?

May 28, 2019

The fully-opened aluminum cover has an aluminum inner cover. The inner cover is generally made of rubber and has a central hole. The feature is that a plastic outer cover that is loosely engaged with the inner cover is over the inner cover, and the outer cover is convex. The portion passes through the center hole of the inner cover to form a crimping edge and is fixed to the inner cover.

The advantage of fully tearing the aluminum cover is that it is easy to tear. Children and the elderly can easily open the can, safely, quickly open the mouth, do not hurt the hand, convenient, and do not need to open the knife. The fully-opened aluminum cover is made of Swiss imported aluminum foil. This tear-off cover has high barrier and can effectively maintain the characteristics of the product. The product has anti-rust coating inside and outside the iron ring. Non-oxidation can be applied to a wide range of products. The cover is 50% lighter.

The aluminum lid for oral liquid is mainly used for oral liquid bottles of different specifications, and is used as an outer sealing aluminum cover. The function can be to protect the quality and safety of the medicine in the bottle by utilizing the stability of its metal chemical properties. The quality of the tear-off aluminum cover for oral liquid bottles not only affects the quality of the drug, but also affects the user's convenience and hygiene.

The aluminum cover is relatively soft and does not chemically react with the inner package and is not easily corroded. It is an irreplaceable packaging product for the pharmaceutical packaging industry and the food industry.

Our team has 15 years experience in this industry, and our products were exported to more than 30 countries in the world. The misson of our team is to be a professional solution provider with a systematically resources and related know-how which comes from our long-term practice.